Be Who You are.
Break Free from Addiction.

We're proud to launch our specialized LGBTQ+ mental health and addiction treatment program based in our private facility, in Nanaimo, BC. 

Treatment Specially Designed for LGBTQ+ Individuals

A Safe Space

Research shows that most people in the LGBTQ+ community don’t disclose their sexual orientation to their health care providers due to fear of discrimination. You won’t need to worry about who you love or who you are affecting your healthcare.

LBGTQ+ Program Clinical Team
Chemsex, party drugs, PrEP. There are things that other counsellors just won’t know about. Either LGBTQ+ themselves, or close allies, our clinical staff understand your experience and can respond in an appropriate way. You won’t have to explain everything (again) here. 
Like - Minded Peers

It can be challenging to be yourself when you fear judgment from others. We know that it takes one intolerant person to make a space feel unsafe and uncomfortable. By creating an accepting community, people can be candid and get better.

Limited spots available. 

Two easy ways to start getting better:

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Proudly Part of EHN Canada

EHN Canada provides the nation’s leading private addiction programs. We’re an award-winning company with impeccable accreditation, and a reputation to match. We have over a century of experience successfully treating Canadians, and we know what patients need to get better.

Our programs are based on current scientific research to help you get better.

Addiction Medicine From an LGBTQ+ Perspective

What's in the program? 

Doctor - Supervised Detox: for safety and comfort
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy: mindfulness for real life
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: challenging old thought patterns
Occupational Therapy: skills for your new reality
Relapse Prevention:  stay on track with a plan
Recreational Therapy: heal your mind and body 
Specialized LGBTQ+ Counselling: to help you recover faster

You are unique, but you are not alone


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Opening July 20, 2020